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    Lee Drake is President and CEO of OS-Cubed, Inc.  OS-Cubed is there to assist you when your computers cause more problems than they solve.  Their philosophy of creating a stable and secure environment upon which to build optimal solutions allows them to create applications that not only solve problems, but prevent them in the future.

    Lee Drake has extensive speaking experience.  He's spoken on topics such as computer security, programming best practices, building content managed websites, building online communities, virus and spyware prevention, and a variety of other computer-related topics.  As sponsor and author of the website Lee has built a world-wide following of users who rely on him and his co-authors to get up-to-date information on virus threats. In addition, Lee has participated in a number of discussion panels on wide-ranging business-related topics, including health insurance for small businesses, legislative issues for NYS businesses, workmen's comp, 240/241 reform, and Medicaid/Medicare reform.  He participated in a panel sponsored by Senator Hillary Clinton on the challenges of providing health care to small businesses

    As a member of the executive board for the Rochester Small Business Council Lee has worked hard to help NYS create an environment that is more friendly towards small businesses.  As a member of the economic development committee for the Rochester Business Alliance he's participated in assisting Rochester to grow into a competitive upstate NY city.  As a member of the board for the Genesee Valley Chapter of the Society for Human Resource Management Lee has added extensive experience in the everyday issues of HR Management in the small business.  In addition, Lee serves on the advisory board for the Neighborhood of the Arts in southeast Rochester.

    As a member of the Rochester Professional Consultants Network Lee has spoken on panels ranging from computer solutions for small businesses, building an online presence for your consulting organization, web advertising, and search engine optimization, to the challenges of building a consulting organization.

    As 50% owner of Aztek Computer Solutions, Inc., Lee helped build a Rochester Top 100 company.  As President and CEO of OS-Cubed, Inc., Lee is well on the way to creating his next Top 100 company.

    In addition, Lee has participated extensively in the programs sponsored by The Executive Committee (TEC) now known as Vistage.  Lee is a graduate of Cornell University ALS School, a Certified Novell Engineer, a programmer, a Habitat for Humanity supporter, an avid Tournament Paintball player, and a fan of science fiction and fantasy books.  He also enjoys playing a wide variety of computer, card, and board games.

      OS-Cubed sponsors GVCSHRM trip to China
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    Posted by: Lee Drake 12/8/2006
    Fernan Cepero of the Genesee Valley Chapter of the Society for human Resource Management is going to China as a human resource ambassador - OS-Cubed is sponsoring his blog...

    OS-Cubed and the Genesee Valley Chapter of the Society for Human Resource Managers (GVCSHRM) is sponsoring Fernan Cepero, HR Director for the Rochester YMCA in his SHRM ambassador trip to China.  Here is Fernan's description of his mission:

    "The basic ideals and goals of the People to People Ambassador Programs have remained unchanged since the program was founded in 1956. Face-to-face interactions, fostering communication between individuals of many nationalities, continue to be the cornerstone of the program.   As a delegate on a professional exchange, I have a unique opportunity to establish connections with international colleagues that can yield lifelong benefits of contuing sharing knowledge and broadened perspectives. Through roundtable discussions, panel sessions, and site visits, I will gain an in-depth understanding of the common interests and challenges I share with human resource professionals overseas."

    As part of his trip OS-Cubed has loaned him a laptop, and setup a blog for him - you can follow Fernan on his trip by reading the blog on our site...

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