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Wednesday, June 28, 2017
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Author: David Gray Created: 9/29/2006
Wizard Wisdom is intended to be a collection of short articles that discuss techniques for making applications and their data more secure. Content varies from information that anybody can use to techniques for my fellow application developers.

Safe Handling of Email Messages
By David Gray on 1/26/2007
Recent press coverage and personal correspondence suggest to me that the social engineering tactics being used by the bad guys is greatly improved, and now is a good time to share my method of filtering email messages with others.
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Hide Thy JavaScript
By David Gray on 1/23/2007
This article describes a technique that I developed, which allows me to keep all the JavaScript code used by a page in "code behind" files similar to those employed by Visual Web Developer 2005 to separate the code from the presentation and data in ASP.NET applications.
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Help in the Struggle for Strong Passwords
By David Gray on 12/19/2006
This article discusses two new tools that recently became available, to help you create really strong passwords.
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