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  Nick Francesco   
NF2006.jpg I'm Nick Francesco. I'm the Systems Administrator for The E. Philip Saunders College of Business of The Rochester Institute of Technology. I run Ask Nick! (which you should definitely visit), a Web site where I answer people's computer-related questions. I cohost a weekly radio talk show on computers called Sound Bytes, and host a TV computer show for Time Warner Cable's R News that is available on Digital Cable's Rochester On Demand channel. I also write a weekly computer Q&A column for Gannett's Democrat and Chronicle each Sunday, and a monthly column in ComputerLink Magazine.

On Sound Bytes, many questions seem to have the same answer - check for viruses, spyware, etc., etc. At some point, I jokingly referred to it as "The Security Tango" (because, like a tango, you can't skip any steps), and that name stuck. I put up a page on both Ask Nick! and the Sound Bytes Web site about the Tango, but I got tired of updating two pages every time things changed. Also, people continued to have more questions about this stuff than a single page could encompass. So I prevailed on the truly magnificent folk at CLSS Enterprises to set up this site, where I'll try to concentrate all the information in one site.

However, as we all know, it takes a village to make an idiot. My original instructions clearly needed tweaking, and my good friend Bill Bateman not only created a whole first step, but kindly tweaked the rest. Then the wonderful Lori Lynch (email her) smoothed life for folks after that first dance.

If you want to make contact with me regarding anything here, please email nick at this site. Please, please, please - no questions! I get enough of those everyplace else! But if you have suggestions for programs I should put here, or corrections to data I've got here, I welcome them. Thanks!

I'd particularly like to thank the hardworking and generous members of both Ask Nick! and Sound Bytes for all their hard work and expertise in getting this information to me.

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Buy our spider!
Lee's Blog By Lee Drake on 1/28/2007
Viruswarn has a cafepress store where you can buy logo t-shirts, hats, mousepads and other paraphenalia....
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Safe Handling of Email Messages
Wizard Wisdom By David Gray on 1/26/2007
Recent press coverage and personal correspondence suggest to me that the social engineering tactics being used by the bad guys is greatly improved, and now is a good time to share my method of filtering email messages with others.
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Hide Thy JavaScript
Wizard Wisdom By David Gray on 1/23/2007
This article describes a technique that I developed, which allows me to keep all the JavaScript code used by a page in "code behind" files similar to those employed by Visual Web Developer 2005 to separate the code from the presentation and data in ASP.NET applications.
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Vista information page on
Lee's Blog By Lee Drake on 12/26/2006
We've started a page on Windows Vista on's site...
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Help in the Struggle for Strong Passwords
Wizard Wisdom By David Gray on 12/19/2006
This article discusses two new tools that recently became available, to help you create really strong passwords.
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100,000,000 and counting
Lee's Blog By Lee Drake on 12/18/2006
So far, according to a recent NY Times story, over 100,000,000 records have been compromised in data theft cases....
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OS-Cubed sponsors GVCSHRM trip to China
Lee's Blog By Lee Drake on 12/8/2006
Fernan Cepero of the Genesee Valley Chapter of the Society for human Resource Management is going to China as a human resource ambassador - OS-Cubed is sponsoring his blog...
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600 spams over the weekend
Lee's Blog By Lee Drake on 11/20/2006
Over the weekend my various email accounts received over 650 spam messages. Of those only about 30 ended up in my inbox (approximately 4.6%). No good mail ended up being filtered. How did I achieve this, and why isn't everyone seeing these same results?
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Top 20 vulnerabilities updated
Lee's Blog By Lee Drake on 11/17/2006
SANS updated it's top 20 security vulnerabilities this month. There has been some changes since last year's update....
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Saving your bacon
Lee's Blog By Lee Drake on 10/27/2006
A good backup and UPS can improve your systems safety and reliability and save you thousands in lost time and productivity.
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